Teacher Playlists: 20 Stories Playlist

The Lion and the Mouse

A lion releases a mouse, believing it’s too small and weak ever to return the favor, but when the lion is trapped in a net the mouse gnaws the threads and releases the lion. 395 words.

The Little Red Hen

Lazy animals refuse to help the hen plant the seed, harvest the grain, or bake the bread, so the hen refuses to share the baked bread with the lazy animals. 477 words.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Bored watching over the sheep, a boy causes excitement by lying that a wolf threatens; when a real wolf attacks, the people think the boy’s lying and won’t come to help him. 722 words.

The Elves and Shoemaker

By secretly making shoes, two elves save a poor shoemaker and his wife; the man and wife make clothes to reward the elves, who leave when their help is no longer needed. 830 words.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A nosy little girl invades the bears’ home and falls asleep; when they return and discover her, she wakes and runs away. 1092 words.

The Three Little Pigs

Two pigs squander their money and build shabby houses; their smarter brother saves and works hard to build a brick house which protects them all from the big bad wolf. 986 words.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter disobeys his mother and enters Mr. MacGregor’s garden, where he is almost captured and put into a pie; Peter escapes and returns to his mother who scolds him. 933 words.

The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man speaks rudely, brags, and outruns all the people and animals until the fox’s help, is tricked and swallowed. 1095 words.


A cruel man spins straw into gold to save a girl’s life, demanding her first child in payment; when she’s queen she saves her child by learning the man’s secret name. 1344 words.

Little Red Riding Hood

A girl speaks to a wolf and leaves the proper path; the wolf swallows the grandmother and girl, but a huntsman kills the wolf, opens the wolf’s belly, and rescues both of them. 1243 words.

The Bremen Town Musicians

When their owners plan to do away with them, four animals leave to become musicians; they trick some robbers, chase them away, and make a new home in the robbers’ house. 1450 words.

Puss in Boots

After his master buys him some boots, a cat tricks a king and an ogre and arranges for his master to marry a princess 1789 words.

Molly Whuppie

Not pretty like two older sisters, Molly is clever and brave, saving them from an ogre, and taking the ogre’s silver sword, bag of gold, and diamond pin; all three girls marry princes. 2352 words.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Lying thieves claim they can make magical clothes invisible to bad and stupid people; the emperor parades naked, adults pretend to see clothes, until a child speaks the truth. 2126 words.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A princess escapes a cruel stepmother and lives in the woods with seven dwarfs; the mean stepmother nearly kills her with a poison apple, but a prince saves and marries her. 2540 words.


Mistreated, hard-working Cinderella gets a beautiful gown and magic coach from her fairy godmother; when her foot fits the glass slipper a prince marries her. 2567 words.

Tom Thumb

Though no bigger than a thumb, Tom is clever and tricky; he helps his father and mother, outwits thieves, is swallowed by a cow and a wolf, but escapes and returns home. 2659 words.

Sleeping Beauty

Cursed by a bad fairy, a princess sleeps for a hundred years, but finally is awakened and rescued by a handsome prince. 2280 words.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack trades a cow for magic beans which grow into a beanstalk; he climbs to the clouds, from a giant takes gold, a magic hen, and a magic harp, and makes his mother happy. 2588 words.

Hansel and Gretel

Abandoned in the forest because of a wicked stepmother, a boy and girl find a candy house, are captured by a witch, trick her, and return home with riches for their father. 3154 words.