Stories: Imagines

If a Shoe Wanted to be a Car

Imagine a shoe wanting to be like a car, and what a child might find in the home to help. 212 words.

Do you pump your legs when you swing?

Imagine swinging as high as trees, birds, clouds, or even higher, what it might feel like, what you might see. 206 words.

Upside Down Windows

Imagine wandering into a world where everything is upside down and backwards. 248 words.

The Special One-Eye Blink

Imagine blinking to become very tiny and what you might be able to do if you were very, very small. 304 words.

If a Naughty Angel

Imagine what you’d say if a little angel asked your advice on how to be a tiny bit mischievous. 399 words.

If You Decide to be a Kitten

Imagine what it might be like to be a kitten. 326 words.

Nobody's Better than You

Always remember, nobody’s better than you. 352 words.

If a Piece of Dirt...

Imagine some of the things you might help a sad, lonely, bored piece of dirt become. 350 words.

The Imaginary Fairy Palace

Imagine the kind of home fairies might create for themselves if they wanted. 396 words.

Do You Like Bubbles

Imagine blowing bubbles in a sink or bathtub. 344 words.